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Port Towns Community Awards Seniors for their Outstanding Scholarship
On Thursday, May 22, End Time Harvest Ministries and the Port Towns and Prince George's County community celebrated 22 Bladensburg High School seniors for their outstanding academic and civic leadership. Because of your generous giving, we were able to raise more than $27,000 for our graduating Seniors.

View pictures of our community wide celebration here

Bladensburg HS Students are getting Fit 4 Success

Students and their parents are on Pathways to Career Success 


2014 Bladensburg High School FIT 4 Success Class.

On Saturday, March 1, 2014, End Time Harvest Ministries (ETHM) welcomed 24 ninth grade students to its 2014 Pathways to Career Success/Wellness Ambassadors Leadership programs. ETHM Board members, staff and volunteers facilitated different student and parent 

ETHM Staff member provides a student and her father their HEAL numbers during the orientation.

 highly interactive groups where everyone was eager to learn about these programs and educational, social, moral and economic benefits, (i.e., career development, college preparation, leadership and character development, health policy development, agricultural and environmental field trips, community and civic engagement, workforce development and summer employment).  During the workshop, families who own their homes were also offered an opportunity to enroll in a Prince George's County weatherization program that will help residents to realize significant energy savings. During the workshop, students and parents were educated by graduating Wellness Ambassadors who led participants in an introductory health policy vocabulary building segment, and then got their hearts pumping as they led the students and parents in physical exercises.  


ETHM Board member assists a student with completing the Wellness Survey.

Parents and students alike are enthusiastic about the partnership with ETHM through its Pathways to Career Success Program, "I am excited about having my son participate in this program and I think it will focus him on doing positive things," says Dennis Terry, father of DeAundre who is a program enrollee. 


Tajae' Slack (student) is happy to be a participant in the acclaimed Pathways to Career Success Program /Wellness Ambassadors Leadership programs. "I am excited about the field trips to Bladensburg Waterfront Park, and today I even learned what a policy is." Now in its third year, the Wellness Ambassadors Fit-4-Success curriculum, a complement to BHS' medical sciences curriculum, that engages students in community outreach activities that earns them academic credits or learning service hours.


During this 2014 FIT 4 Success Program, the student and parent cohort will engage in a variety of interactive, experiential learning workshops and field trips. Students will learn about Healthy

Rev. Addison, President/CEO of ETHM addresses students and parents participating in the 2014 Pathways to Career Success/Wellness Ambassadors Leadership programs.

Eating, Active Living (HEAL) through ETHM's in-school health policy advocacy curriculum that includes body mass index (BMI) measurements, fitness assessments according to national standards, visits to a local urban farm and Bladensburg Waterfront Park, participation in community garden clean-ups and plantings in Colmar Manor and Cottage City, and participation in the regional Earth Day celebration by engaging students and parents in an environmental pedestrian safety activity with the friends of Quincy Run in Bladensburg. 


We're excited about the awesome crime, violence and obesity prevention and reduction journey that these young students are embarking on and we hope that you will continue to track along with them.  Check out more photographs from the event  here

Are you Fit 2 Be Well?
PTYC Wellness Ambassadors venture to Community of Hope to teach students about HEAL 

PTYC Wellness Ambassadors outside of Community of Hope AME, the training site.

The Port Towns Youth Council (PTYC) Wellness Ambassadors are FIT 2 Be WELL! And we're hoping that we can teach you how to become a Wellness Ambassador who will also be FIT 2 be WELL.  February 22, 2014, marked the official launch of the Wellness Ambassadors FIT 2 Be WELL program.  Fifteen (15) PTYC Wellness Ambassadors traveled to Community of Hope AME Church in Hillcrest Heights, MD to teach 19 students (ages 11-18) from 14 different Temple Hills/Oxon Hills/Hillcrest Heights schools about Healthy Eating, Active Living (HEAL), and Pedestrian Safety!   During this interactive workshop, PTYC Wellness Ambassadors instructed the class concerning how to calculate Body Mass Index (BMI), demonstrated why sugar is bad for your health, conducted a series of fitness assessments according to national standards, and taught participants the 4 countywide Pedestrian Safety tips as they taught students how to perform their renowned Walkers Wear White at Night Pedestrian Safety step routine. 


PTYC Wellness Ambassador records the fitness assessments results of a FIT 2 be WELL participant.

Wellness Ambassadors measure the flexibility of a participant as she takes the Sit & Reach test. 

A FIT 2 be WELL Participant sets the record by completing 42 push-ups in 30 seconds. 

FIT 2 be WELL Participant starts her timed lap fitness run.

PTYC Wellness Ambassadors teach participants the 4 Pedestrian Safety tips while participants learn the step routine.

PTYC Wellness Ambassadors checks to see if this participant correctly matched the number of teaspoons of sugar in each sugary drink--Coca-Cola, Orange Juice, and Gatorade.  He was surprised that he guessed wrong.